Remix Your Marketing


Analysis & Investigation

When your marketing needs answers.

DTC Remix undertakes a deep investigation into your current marketing. Providing you a comprehensive analysis dossier on what is effective and what’s  not working.

Remix Your Marketing

When your marketing needs better results.

Let us remix your marketing strategy to deliver stronger, more reliable results, optimize your channel investments and connect you to new marketing platforms where your brand can thrive and grow.

World Class Consulting

When your marketing needs expert help.

DTC Remix has expert consultants with years of real world experience in nearly every type marketing. Proven leaders ready to step in and guide your team to success. 

Why Us

How we do it

From Art To Science

Human Hands + Power of AI

Marketing is both an art and a science. We combine years of human success and experience in the marketing industry with the power of advanced AI and predictive learning. Together we’re able to remix your marketing with a fresh and innovative approach unique to your business.  

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic Insights

We believe in the power of strategic thinking to transform your marketing initiatives into powerful drivers of growth. Discover the difference strategic insight can make with our dedicated team of industry experts by your side. In today’s dynamic business landscape, understanding the intricacies of marketing is pivotal to success.

Gain Marketplace Advantage

Personalized Tactics

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to your business objectives, ensuring that your marketing efforts not only resonate but also drive meaningful results. Our seasoned experts leverage their wealth of experience to navigate the complexities of the market, offering you a unique perspective that goes beyond the conventional.

About Us

Who we are

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

We are the decisive factor behind your success

DTC Remix is a marketing consulting and leadership company that specializes in helping direct-to-consumer brands. The company was founded in 2018 by a team of experienced marketers, writers, and developers who saw an opportunity to help DTC brands stand out in the crowded and competitive online space.