Who we are

DTC Remix is not a marketing agency. We are expert consultants, captains to help guide your marketing ship to greater success.

We are your partners providing a consistent remix of your marketing efforts to keep it fresh; and producing the results your business depends on.
Since its inception, DTC Remix has worked with hundreds of DTC brands across various industries, such as fashion, beauty, health, outdoor sports, food, travel, pets, and more. The company has also had prominent placement in marketing and innovation conferences throughout North America, speaking and engaging hungry business owners eager to learn and understand the latest marketing strategies.
DTC Remix’s vision is to become the leading marketing partner for DTC brands in North America. The company aims to continue to innovate and deliver high-quality services that resonates with customers and drives business growth. The company also plans to expand its services and offerings to cater to the evolving needs and challenges of DTC brands in the digital age.